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How do I get around Stockholm? How is it possible to get to and from the airport? These are the questions our guests so often ask.

The answer is easy - Stockholm has an excellent public transport system that includes the subway (T-Bana), buses, trams, and even boats.  It is very punctual, clean and stops at all the places a visitor to the city may need.

The public transportation system is operated by Lokaltrafik (visit - look for the interactive travel planner) and includes a bus, train and subway system.

The most usual method of getting around via public transportation is the subway system, also known as The Metro, The Tunnelbana and the T-bana. This system is safe, clean, and efficient.  Travelers who want to get from one destination to another quickly often choose this method for its ease of use and expansiveness. Stockholm's tunnelbana is 108 km long (62 km are underground) with 100 stations. 

T bana stockholm-map

The Stockholm T-bana is also considered to be one of the most beautiful metro systems in Europe.  It has been referred to as “the world's longest art gallery” with most of the network's 100 stations decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs.

STC Metro 1

The T-Bana operated from about 05.00-00.30 on most days, and all night on Friday and Saturday nights. On the central stretches, trains generally arrive every few minutes, while you may have to wait 10-15 minutes (even longer early morning or late evening) to go to a far-flung destination. There are three main lines, which divide into further branches away from the centre. 






Blue line

10, 11


25.5 km


Red line

13, 14

Norsborg/FruängenRopsten/Mörby centrum

41.2 km


Green line

17, 18, 19

Åkeshov/Alvik/Hässelby strandSkarpnäck/Farsta strand/Hagsätra

41.3 km


The only negative to the metro - because this is an underground system, visitors are not able to see the sights of beautiful Stockholm while traveling.

An alternative to the T-Bana is the “pendeltåg”, or commuter train, that runs frequently throughout the city. The stops are much more widely spaced than the T-bana and travel between them is quicker. It extends about 50km from central Stockholm. The symbol denoting the pendeltåg stations is a J.  

Buses can take visitors pretty much everywhere. They are a lot slower to get around than other modes of transport because they take rather indirect routes to fill in the space between the T-bana lines. 

Trams and light rail lines are few, but especially tram heritage route 7 is very usefull. By this tram you can start your journey from T-Centralen and go to Djurgården, where are nice attractions like Gröna Lund, Vasa and Nordic Museum and Abba museum. 

Tram S7-NordMuseet_Djurgardsbro

A special and unforgettable way to travel in Stockholm is by boat. Especially the ferry between Slussen and Djurgårdena island with Skansen, the amusement park Gröna Lund, the children's Astrid Lindgren World and several other museums. The trip is also a cheap way to experience a part of the water that makes Stockholm special. There are also boats to Fjäderholmarna, Drottningholm Palace and other places outside Stockholm.

Houses and boats, Stockholm

From Arlanda airport you can reach the city in a variety of price ranges. 

The fastest option in the express train called Arlanda Express. This train takes you from the airport to Stockholm central station is just 20 minutes. Ticket cost SEK 240 / 460 (one-way/return). You can find some special prices for weekend trips. Trains leave about every 15 minutes. Tickets can be bought in vending machines near the platform, or electronic tickets on the internet. Also you can bought it on board the train for a 100 SEK surcharge. There are discounts for children, students and retired people. There are multi-journey tickets, and a one-year tickets for unlimited travel.

Arlanda Express

The express bus operated by Flygbussarna is still quite fast, but much more affordable. The trip takes about 45 minutes with some extra stops in northern Stockholm, terminating at the central bus terminal (Cityterminalen) next to the central train station. Buses leave every 15 minutes, tickets cost SEK 119/219 (one-way/return), but you can save some money by booking in advance online. Note that cash payments are not accepted on the buses, you need to pay by credit card instead.


The next option is to catch a local train from Arlanda to central Stockholm. This route takes about 40-50 minutes, and you will need to change trains at Upplands Väsby. Trains leave every 30 minutes. Tickets cost SEK 100 (one-way), or if you already have a regular local transportation ticket or pass, you need to pay a supplement of SEK 60.

The cheapest option is to reach Stockholm by a local bus and train. For that, take bus 583. Bus 583 leaves Arlanda right outside the arrivals area. This bus takes you in 10 to 15 minutes to Märsta—the nearest town to Arlanda—where you then take the commuter train (Pendeltåg) to the Stockholm central railway station. If you need to go elsewhere in Stockholm or catch a train elsewhere, you can do it there. The Stockholm subway system (Tunnelbana or T-bana as it is known locally) also connects there. Don't get confused, because the railway part of the station is called Stockholm Central while the subway stop there is called T-Centralen. T-Centralen is an easy walk from the railway part of the station underground so you need not worry about the weather. The subway system is extensive and also connects to the local bus system. A single ticket costs SEK 60 (one-way), but if you buy a 1-, 3- or 7-day pass at the airport, you can already use that for this trip, without paying anything extra.

583 bus

By one measure—single ticket price for a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) journey—Stockholm has the most expensive-to-use public transport in the world, as of March 20014.

To save your money you can use several different types of tickets to use the entire system without paying again and again. You can purchase single trip zonal tickets which are good for an hour after you first start, though they often give you at least an extra 15 minutes on top of that, buy a strip ticket which works like a zonal ticket though more than one person can use it at once, and there are travel cards for various time periods from one day to annual tickets that can also be used by more than once person, though—unlike the strip ticket—not at once. All of these are available at the Pressbyrån store in the Sky City part of Arlanda. You cannot purchase these tickets at the Pressbyrån store in the arrival area. From Monday through Friday, the Sky City Pressbyrån store is open at 7 am, coinciding with many early arriving international flights. On Saturday and Sunday, it does not open until 9 am.

Choose between a 24, 48, 72 or 120 hour Stockholm card and enjoy the freedom to customize your own itinerary. 

Stc Card


  • Free admission to 80 museums and attractions
  • Unlimited use of public transport in Stockholm, including the metro, buses, trams, commuter trains and boats (Not the ferry to Djurgården)
  • Free boat sightseeing with the Royal Canal Tour (April 5 - December 21) OR the Historical canal Tour (June 1- August 18)
  • Free bicycle sightseeing with Stockholm Adventures and Bike Sweden
  • Discounted tickets for the Stockholm Panorama sightseeing bus
  • Discounted tickets for the Open Top double-decker bus tour
  • Discounted tickets for Cosmonova IMAX theatre
  • Discounted tickets for boat trips to Drottningholm Palace
  • A map folder available in Swedish and English - containing information on museums and maps of the city

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